UPPER CANADA MORTGAGE helps you turn finances from a stress into a tool.

Simply put, CHOOSE US because we care.

Our agents take considerable effort to understand your life’s landscape and works diligently to match the right mortgages to your lifestyle. We take the extra time to find out what you’re about, your plans and what goals you want to achieve. We help you put the right pieces in place in your life to turn your finances into from a stress into a tool.

It’s not about getting money

It’s not about writing new deals and getting customers access to money. It’s about making sure our clients have the right financial tools to enjoy the lifestyle they want. Money and assets are simply tools you can use to achieve the lifestyle that’s right for you – and we want to help you get there.

We understand it’s a journey

Money takes time. Assets take time. Deals aren’t made overnight and lifestyle plans take time to build. We’re not going to rush through a deal; and we ware going to make sure it’s right for you today and ideal for what you have planned for the future.



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